Edge Device Management

Deploy your AI vision applications at scale

The Viso Suite platform provides integrated edge device management. Manage a fleet of edge devices with cameras that can “see” and identify objects.​ Deploy your AI vision Apps to a network of remote edge devices. The integrated edge fleet management is flexible enough for startups and large-scale enterprises.

Edge Device Management
Edge Devices with cameras

Connect edge devices with cameras to build AI vision systems

Viso Suite offers an edge device management to connect all endpoints over the cloud. Such edge device are computers or servers with onboard processing capabilities. Intelligent edge devices connected to cameras gather data in real-time by applying on-board Computer Vision.

We are hardware-independent, and support 60+ computing devices and edge servers across architectures. Enroll Intel x86 (NUC), Nvidia Jetson TX2, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Platform to manage edge devices for AI inferencing
Edge Device Cloud to manage endpoints
Remote Fleet Management

Manage all your edge devices from anywhere in the world

Intuitive interface with full visibility into real-time device status and activity. Organize all of your devices with tags and filters. Remotely configure and troubleshoot individual devices. 

Enroll devices automatically

Seamlessly add devices for your fleet to your workspace. Install your image, power up, and see your configured device appear in your workspace. Fast and simple.

Use AI accelerators

Run lightning-fast AI at industry-leading inference speeds for embedded devices. Use the latest AI Accelerators such as Intel Movidius NCS (VPU), Google Coral TPU or NVIDIA Jetson

Safe and secure updates

Integrated Edge Device Management and Deployment to ship applications and updates at the push of a button – while your devices remain online. Modern, brick-safe container technology.

Device Diagnostics

Monitor the status of every device remotely

Advanced system analytics to manage the system health of every enrolled edge endpoint remotely. Use the device management to remotely access device logs. Use a detailed system analytics dashboard to monitor the device health.

Device analytics to manage device health

Business benefits of edge device management with Viso Suite

Use the Viso Suite Platform to power Edge AI Vision. We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your business application, not your infrastructure.


Edge AI computing to balance and optimize power and performance with local AI vision applications.


Keep user data private by performing all inferences locally, on-device. You decide when data is stored or transferred.


Run lightning-fast AI at industry-leading inference speeds. Use the latest AI accelerators to boost performance. 

Offline capabilities

Deploy in the field where connectivity is limited. Use temporary storage on the edge and run applications autonomously.

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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