Cloud Workspace

Manage Computer Vision projects in one place

Use Viso Suite to manage your computer vision projects in a cloud workspace for your organization. Collaborate with your team using integrated tools to build and deploy on-device AI vision solutions. In your Viso Workspace, easily add users to join, manage a fleet of edge devices with cameras, and configure security and settings to keep your data safe.

AI vision platform cloud workspace
Collaborate Computer Vision Projects
Manage users

Adding team members to collaborate on AI vision projects

Easily add users to collaborate with your team. Invite team members quickly to join the Viso Workspace and help with your Deep Learning and Computer Vision projects. Assign user roles to manage access. The built-in user management enables your teams to collaborate and manage the entire life-cycle of your AI Vision projects in your workspace.

Manage Projects

Organize your applications in your workspace library

Find all your modules and applications in the workspace library. Integrated version management helps to seamlessly update applications. Import new modules or applications to your library to get started quickly. Collaborate with your team to build and maintain AI vision applications,

Manage Computer Vision Application Projects
Computer Vision Project Security
Manage Access

Keep your Computer Vision projects and data secure

Use workspace security features for more control, visibility and flexibility. Configure security and settings so your data an AI vision applications stay safe. Define user permissions with custom user roles to ensure privacy and security. 

Business benefits of managing Computer Vision projects with Viso Suite

We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your AI vision solutions, not your infrastructure.

All-in-One platform

Integrated suite of software for your Computer Vision projects. Integrated Platform to build, scale and monitor visual AI applications.

Start small, grow big

Realize AI Vision projects with Viso Suite - from idea to proof-of-concept. Seamlessly scale your vision systems.

Fully modular

Use modular components to bring reliable visual AI to applications. Create custom modules to build applications.

Highly scalable

The number of users, devices and applications can be tailored to your organization's needs. Easily enroll edge devices and add users.

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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