About Peninsula Grange

The Peninsula Grange

By Karen Walker

Two Buddies

The flavor of rural America can be found at the Peninsula Grange near the City of East Jordan. The aroma of pancakes, maple syrup, sausage and coffee welcomes guests at theTr pancake suppers, a twice yearly event at this Northern Michigan landmark. The sound of old wooden chairs on old wooden floors joins the chatter of familiar voices within walls that have experienced over a hundred years of fellowship and family activities. The hall was built in 1895 and has ever since been a place where friends gather with their families to discuss local happenings, share meals and work to help those in need. Besides Grange functions, the hall has been used for other activities such as 4-H meetings, family reunions and wedding receptions. A friend recalls his sister's wedding reception back in the mid 1960s when a bear wandered into the yard and helped itself to the wedding cake.

History runs deep at Peninsula Grange. Many names on the charter are still familiar and have descendants living in the area. Peninsula Grange was chartered by Martin Ruhling, Robert Price, Martin J. Staley, Joseph E. Perry, Fred L. Heller, Bert Price, John L. Heller, Henry Kamradt, Will Looze, William Perry, Samuel Curry, John Looze, and Moses Hart.

The Peninsula Grange members continue to participate in community service projects such as providing hand made stuffed animals for the ambulance service, canned food drives and hat and mitten collections for needy children at the Michigan school for the deaf. As in every Grange, Peninsula Grange members cherish the fellowship of caring neighbors.

Location of Our Hall:

Our hall is located on Looze Road, just off from Advance Road between Advance and East Jordan. The Google map below shows its approximate location. Downtown East Jordan is in the lower left corner and Advance is in the upper right corner. Our hall is at the "A" marker. Click the map to visit Google maps (maps.google.com).